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Meet "Bree/(Abercrombie)"
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About "Bree"
Breed: Mini-Labradoodle
Born: January 15th, 2012  Gender: Female  
Weight on 3/9/12:
7.0 lbs  Identifying Mark: Only Blonde Female

Personality Profile: Bree (formerly Ambercrombie) is our little honey bear and
is very sweet. She is very playful and refuses to feel like an outsider, despite her
obvious differences (the litter consisted of 6 black puppies and her). We will be
keeping her as a breeding female and pet
Not For Sale
Bree at 2 weeks old.
Bree at 1 week old.
Bree at 3 weeks old.
Bree at 4 weeks old.
Bree at 5 weeks old.
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Bree at 6 weeks old.
Bree at 7 weeks old.
Bree at 8 weeks old.
Not For Sale
Not For Sale
Not For Sale
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Not For Sale
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