About "Bree"
Breed: Labradoodle - Blonde/Apricot (Parents are AKC Registered with excellent lines)
Born: January 15th, 2012 Gender: Female  
30 pounds

Bree is one of our own; born in our home and loved from the first day. She is a Mini-Labradoodle - the offspring of Sadie (AKC)
and Riley (AKC). Bree weighs 30 lbs. Bree is not registered, only because the AKC does not register 50/50 mixes. We could register her
elsewhere, but to us, the most important thing is knowing that she has fantastic AKC parents. Bree is her own dog - not conforming to what
mom, Sadie, or "aunt" Maddie like to do. They love to play with each other and Bree loves chasing them around the house. She likes to
chew on her toys and finds the other litters of puppies fascinating and to be great playmates.

Bree's "Credentials":

Click here to view Sadie (AKC) (OFA-Hips, Eyes and Heart), her mom's, page
Click here to view Riley (AKC) (OFA-Hips), her dad's, page
Click here to view Bree's OFA Eye Certificate (Normal - March 7th, 2013)
Click here to view Bree's OFA Heart Certificate (Normal - March 7th, 2013)

More about Bree:
Bree is our pet first and foremost and we are so proud that she is one of our own, born right in our house.

Bree is currently available as a spokesperson for our amazing Mini-Labradoodles. If you would like to see her size, coat, or
how your allergies do around a hypo-allergenic dog, please let us know.

Click here to see Bree's puppy pictures.
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