Meet "Monterey Jack":
More about "Brie"
Born on August 15th 2011  Gender Female
Brie is a sweet little puppy. She likes to come over and see
us when we take care of, or play with the puppies. She likes
to play with the other puppies and to give us kisses. Brie is
fond of exploring around the house and yard but is ever
ready to sit and snuggle on the couch. She will make a
terrific pet because of her sweet personality.
More about "Monterey Jack"
Born on August 15th, 2011  Gender: Male
Monty is a terrific puppy. He gets along with the other puppies
and always plays nice. He is very friendly and wants to be a
part of whatever we're doing. He may not be the biggest or
the smallest, the darkest or the lightest -- he's just the best of
all worlds and will make you very happy you brought him
Meet "Mozzarella"/"Hoosier":
More about "Mozzarella"/"Hoosier"
Born on August 15th, 2011  Gender: Male
Mozzie is, dare I say it, one of our cutest puppies. The only
problem we've ever had with him is that he gives us way too
many pictures to choose from for his profile pictures. He is
the smallest of the boys and has cute little legs. He's sure to
make you laugh and smile with his cute antics, wagging tail
and loads of kisses.
More about "Feta"/"Charley":
Born on August 15th, 2011  Gender: Female
Feta is counting down the days till she gets to go home -- not
because she doesn't like it here, but because she has met
her new family and is eager to give them her love. She
always comes over to the edge of her pen to see if we'll pick
her up, which we usually do because it's hard to resist that
cute little face!
More about "Cream/Chèvre"
Born on August 15th, 2011  Gender: Female
Chèvre is spunky and will speak up for herself if the other
puppies aren't playing very nice. She likes to play with them
and chew on the "puppy keys." She's a little bit quieter than
some of the other puppies but still likes to play, to be held
and to be played with.
More about "Colby Jack"/"Lloyd"
Born on August 15th, 2011  Gender: Male
Lloyd is our little tank. He's taller than any of the other pups
and is as big or bigger than any of them as well. He really
likes to play and seems to be fairly intelligent. He is also the
darkest of this litter with particularly dark ears. If you need
someone to snuggle with or an extra kiss or two, Lloyd is
always good for it.
More about "Swiss"
Born on August 15th, 2011  Gender: Female
Swiss is cute as a bug and is sweet as honey. She's always
wagging her tail and giving out kisses. She may be the
smallest in size, but has no shortage of love to give out.
She'll make a great pet -- as long as you don't mind getting a
lot of kisses!
Meet "Brie":
Meet "Feta"/"Charley":
Meet "Cream/Chèvre":
Meet "Colby Jack"/"Lloyd":
Meet "Swiss":
We always try to come up with some fun, unique names for our puppies. This litter we were looking for a theme and couldn't figure
anything out. My sister-in-law, Sarah, had just moved to Wisconsin and she told us that we should use different kinds of cheese.
If you have a great idea for one of our next litters let us know and we may use it!
Our Cockapoos at 7 weeks old.
This litter was born Aug. 15th, 2011.
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