Future Breeding Plans:
Rosie will be retiring after her current litter of Irish Doodles.
We will be breeding Irish Doodles in the future with a different female.
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Rosie, Irish Setter, mom of Irish Doodle puppies. Irish Doodles for sale.
Rosie - Irish Setter
(Owned by James W.)
Gazoo - Standard Poodle
(Owned by Amy S.)
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Irish doodle puppy from www.queenofthehillpuppies.com Irish Doodle breeder, Wisconsin Irish Doodle, Minnesota Irish doodle
Rosie is an AKC registered Irish Setter and has OFA certified heart and hips.

Gazoo, the dad, is a stud dog belonging to Amy S., a breeder from Illinois.
Gazoo is AKC registered and has OFA certified hips and elbows.

This litter of Irish Doodles will grow to be about 45-50 pounds.

Contact Us By Phone: 715-338-7039 (Jason) or By e-mail:  
For more information on how to reserve your puppy please see our FAQ's page.

Our Irish Doodles sell for $2400.
At 4 months old
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Why buy an Irish Doodle?
1. Stunning red and strawberry blonde coats. You'll get
compliments all the time on your beautiful dog.

2. Very low to no shedding, hypo-allergenic coats.

3. Rare. Everyone seems to have a Golden Doodle. How
many people do you know that own an Irish Doodle?

4. A hunting dog with a hypo-allergenic coat. Irish Setters
have great noses. Rosie has terrific hunting lines and
Poodles still have a strong hunting instinct. These pups   
will hunt!

5. Great pets. Rosie and Gazoo aren't hyper dogs. Rosie
is laid back, loves her people, comes when called and
isn't a "runner" like some Irish Setters.
Wondering what our Irish Doodles will look like as they get
Click here for more pictures!
Click here to see Rosie's and Gazoo's litter that was born on July 29th, 2014

The puppies are here!!
Rosie and Gazoo are the proud parents of 3 Irish Doodles born on Aug. 17th, 2015.
There is one male with a small white chest patch, one female with a medium white chest patch, and one female
with a large chest patch that extends up her throat who also has a small white stripe on her forehead.  

We were anticipating a larger litter of about 8-10 puppies. We currently have 4 deposits for this litter so no
puppies from this litter will be available unless you are already on the deposit list.
Meet "Panther"
About "Patton"
Born:  August 17th, 2015
: Female
Markings: Large white chest patch, white toes,
and a white stripe on her forehead
About "Sherman"
Born: August 17th, 2015
Markings: Small white patch on his chest.
About "Panther"
Born: August 17th, 2015
Gender: Female
Markings: White stripe on her chest and a tiny bit of white on
her back toes.
Meet "Patton"
Meet "Sherman"
At 2 Weeks Old.
At 2 Weeks Old.
At 2 Weeks Old.
About the names:
When the first puppy, Sherman, was born I was impressed by his size and commented "He's a tank". His sister, Panther,
wasn't much smaller and although Patton is smaller than her siblings she is still a tank in comparison to our Cockapoo's or
Petite Labradoodles. The idea stuck so we decided to name this litter after different tanks.