About "Maddie"
Breed: Cocker Spaniel - Buff, (CKC Registered)
Born: January 20th, 2009  Gender: Female  
20 lbs

Maddie is our American Cocker Spaniel. She is buff colored and weighs 18 pounds.
We got Maddie in 2010 with thoughts of breeding her and calling her our pet. Maddie is CKC registered (
Maddie is the classic lapdog. She loves to be petted, sit in your lap or if you're busy just keep the seat of your
recliner warm for you. She has a sweet disposition and hardly ever barks.

Maddie's "Credentials":

Click here to view Maddie's CKC Pedigree
Click here to view Maddie's OFA Eye Certificate (Normal - March 7th, 2013)
Click here to view Maddie's OFA Heart Certificate (Normal - March 7th, 2013)

More about Maddie:

If you looked at Maddie's CKC Pedigree, you may be asking yourself, how did she get the name "Floor Maddie"? Well, when we got her
she was already named Maddie. When we introduced her to some kids at a park, she got real low to the ground and scooted herself over
to be petted. They asked us what her name was and we told them "Maddie." They said "Like a floor mat." The name stuck and when
we registered her, we went with it. When she meets new people, she will still quite often get low and scoot on over to say high.

Maddie is a happy dog, and every happy dog needs a good "Happy Dance." Maddie has one that will make you laugh and
wonder, what is going on with that little dog. She will wag her tail, but because it's docked you can hardly see it. She will walk
around excitedly, turning her backside to you so you can see her happy little tail. She ends up in a "C" shape dancing back
forth. It's adorable.

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