About "Riley"
Breed: Miniature Poodle - Apricot (AKC Registered)
Born: January 30th, 2007  Gender: Male
Weight: 15 pounds

Riley is a 15 pound apricot colored, male, Mini-Poodle. He is registered with the AKC (www.akc.org). Riley is a stud from Dandy's Doodles,
so he and Sadie have a "long distance" relationship and he is not on site. We picked Riley because of his breeding and cute looks.
Riley has OFA certified hips and elbows.

Riley's "Credentials":

Click here to view Riley's AKC Registration Paperwork
Click here to view Riley's OFA Paperwork

More about Riley:
A quote from Riley's owners:
"Riley is our male miniature poodle, and he has the most wonderful temperament of any poodle I have ever known. Full of personality and
intelligence, he even plays hide and seek with my youngest daughter. He is not yippie or snappy as some miniature poodles can be. He allows
everyone to pick him up and cuddle, as he "melts" in your arms, enjoying any and every bit of affection he can get.  He loves to join in whatever
you are doing, whether playing or just relaxing. We are very excited that his temperament seems to be coming through to his offspring."
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