About "Rosie"
Breed: Irish Setter (AKC Registered)
Born: March 17th, 2007  Gender: Female  
51 lbs

Rosie is a female Irish Setter. She weighs 51 pounds.

Rosie is now enjoying her retirement with Jessica's mom and dad in Wyoming.

She has excellent blood-lines and is AKC registered (
Rosie isn't a hyper Irish Setter. She has both a softer mellower side and lets the younger kids
pull on her and lead her around the house as well as a playful outgoing side.

Rosie's "Credentials":
Rosie has OFA certified hips and heart.

James mis-placed Rosie's AKC paperwork. He is made a thorough search but couldn't find her papers.
I looked into getting a copy from the AKC, but ran into some difficulties with them and was unable to get a duplicate copy.
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Rosie, Irish Setter, mom of Irish Doodle puppies. Irish Doodles for sale.
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