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Kirby, Cockapoo puppy born Dec. 6th 2010:
Kirby has adapted to his name rather well. He can't wait for the kids to have lunch. He loves all the kids and greets each one in
the morning by getting a toy and taking it to them. He can't wait for the grandchildren to come play.

Everybody that meets Kirby falls in love with him.

He is the happiest dog you will ever see. Tail is going
night and day. He LOVE's people and especially the kids.
As you can see he and Phoebe are doing well together.
He currently is taking puppy class and is doing very well.
We love him to death- he has been a great addition to
the family.

We love Kirby. He is the best dog we've had

Update:  Nice to hear from you. Attached a few photos of
Kirby. He loves to play ball. First thing in the morning grabs
his ball and cries until he gets out to play fetch. He loves to
try and catch the ball as if he is playing center field.
He has gotten pretty good at.

Kirby has been a blessing to our home. He loves everyone
and everyone loves Kirby. The groomers can't wait for Kirby

Thanks again for a wonderful- playful-loving -ball chasing
bundle of Joy.

Kirby now weighs 19 lbs.

Thanks so much

Julie, Ron & KIRBY
Holly/Hoover, Cockapoo puppy born Dec. 6th
Holly is doing great. Made it through her first round of booster shots
with no problem. 2nd round is next week. She is as cute as a bug
and very playful. She learned how to fetch quickly. She "found" our
family room chair and ottoman and is content there (when she
sleeps) while we are working. She had no problem adapting to her
crate/kennel. Only whimpered for about 5 minutes the first night.
Attached are a few pictures.

Holly is just the sweetest dog either of us have ever had.  She loves
to play fetch and entertains herself with all of her toys.  We keep
them in a basket and by the end of the day just about every toy is out
and scattered around the house.  She doesn't bark much at all, but
when she does she often starts out with a 2 second howl followed
by little dog barks.  She isn't as big as we thought she would
be...only 10.3 lbs at the vet on August 5th.


Brian & Margaret
Hello there,

It was nice to hear from you. The boys loved her and were very surprised that night when we brought her home. Fiona is what
they ended up choosing for the name. It has definitely has stuck and fits her well.

The whole process from the first email that I sent to you inquiring about the puppies until we picked up Fiona was very easy.
Very smooth. You respond quickly and were very informative on everything that I had to ask you. I will be sure to send pictures
of Fiona here soon. She sure is a cutie!

Thanks again!

Update: Fiona is doing great. She is a little ball of energy, very sweet, and the boys love her. I do have to brag too that from
night one of us bringing her home she never cried once in her little kennel. She also has only had one accident in her kennel.
Not sure how we lucked out, but she is very well behaved. - Andrea
Ben/Dyson, Cockapoo puppy born Dec. 6th 2010:
Hi Jason,

Ben and I had the 4th class of a 5 week puppy class. The instructor is an
animal behaviorist. Ben is doing very well. We get homework every week
and he loves to learn. He knows "sit, stay, down, come, and drop." He
weighed 6.3 pounds tonight. The night I got him, he was 3.75 pounds. Ben
is sweet, fun, and smart, and I love him dearly. He is in a wire/steel crate
during the day when I'm at work and I have a dog walker/sitter come twice a
day. They are crazy about him, too. Tell Maddie thank you for Ben. You were
right, Jason. He is the right dog for me. Thank you.

I found you by googling "cockapoo puppies Twin Cities." I liked you because
it was obvious you were particular about your puppies and they had a clean

I will send you some pics of Ben. Happy Spring!

Update: Hi Jason, Ben is great!  You were "right on"  with the weight
estimate.  Last recorded weight was 4 months ago:  15.5 # at 1yr. 4 mos.  I'll
try to  bring him in for a weight soon and will let you know.  He's a lean, fast,
strong athete.  I'm thankful you didn't dock his tail.  I think it gives him a
balance advantage.  He had the fastest time in our agility class.
Best of all, he's a sweet cuddle buddy.
Hi to your wife and to your canine kids!

Mary and Ben
Bissell/Riley, Cockapoo puppy born Dec. 6th 2010:
Hello Jason,

So far we are LOVING Riley. He is a perfect addition and he's so smart, we couldn't be happier. We are so happy to have him  
in our lives, he's been the greatest little puppy and has a lot of love to give.

Thank you so much for our lovely puppy!

Eureka/Clooney, Cockapoo puppy born
Dec. 6th 2010:

I thought you both might like this picture. Clooney is doing very
well and loving it here. She already figured out how to get up in
the recliner by herself. It reminded me of the picture on your web
site of Maddie. Here's Clooney in our blue recliner.

Update: So nice to hear from you. Clooney weighs 15.5 pounds
and she is doing great! She is very intelligent and playful...loves
to play ball and use her very long legs to leap into the air to catch
fly balls. She still has to be part of anything and everything that is
going on. One of her fav things is to help me get the laundry out
of the dryer. If something happens to fall, Clooney is right there to
scoop it up and run away with it. She loves that game! Clooney
and my 3-year old niece are the best of buddies. All you have to
do is mention Audrey's name and Clooney runs to the door to
look for her. It's really cute! The best part is that they wear each
other out running and playing. She is also my sweet, cuddly, lap
dog every evening. I've attached a pic of Clooney in her Brewers
shirt, and I will look for a couple more pictures and send them on
to you. Unfortunately, this was taken with my daughter's phone
and the lighting is bad.

As you can tell, we are very happy with Clooney. I do check your
site often to see all the new puppies and keep up with everything.
You two breed the best pups, and I would highly recommend
Queen of the Hill Puppies to anyone I know who is looking for a
great dog!

born on Aug. 15th, 2011:

We would love to hear about your experience with
us. What you thought about our website, our
breeding accommodations, our dogs, our puppies,
or anything else you can think of. Additionally, we
may choose to put some of these quotes on our
website so that other buyers can hear what you
Their website was very helpful, and up to date as a
lot of one’s I found weren't. The home breeding
environment was great and it felt like a family
atmosphere rather than a kennel or business.    
Although it would be great to meet both mom and
dad, meeting at least 1 parent is great and to know
that it was their dog that lives there is a good

Cream/Chevre, Cockapoo puppy born Aug. 15th, 2011:
How did you hear about us?                                                                         
How I found out about your puppies is through a search for Cockapoos. I went through many and then found your site. We
were very happy with your informative site. This is one of the reasons why we chose your services.
We would love to hear about your experience with us. What you thought about our website, our breeding accommodations,
our dogs, our puppies, or anything else you can think of.
Once I contacted Jason and his wife I knew I was going to have a good experience. They were very  accommodating to me
when I wanted to visit my puppy. I lived three hours away and it made things a little tight to get up there, but Jason was great
and made time.

The website was very informative and was a good selling point for the puppies. I loved being able to see the parents, the  
past puppies, and especially the photo updates of the existing litter. It allowed me to watch my little girl as she grew. It was a
great start to our photo album of Chevre’. I also was very happy that they did not dock the tails as it was one of the things I was
looking for as I searched for a Cockapoo. The videos were also just so wonderful to view and get to see their personalities.  
her darnedest to become alpha in the house , but finally
realized that it was actually me.

Puppy learning...... She has begun to tell me vocally when
she has to go outside, so the crate has worked very quickly
for her. Most of her commands are in Ho-Chunk so I guess
she is bi-lingual. She is already sitting on command ,
laying, and rolling over (which is just hysterical.) She went
over board one day and rolled over four times in a row! I
couldn't stop laughing. She gets along great with our other
dog, and travels well in the car.

She is quite the loving puppy and has become one of our
first lapdogs. She has demanded this. She just loves to
jump up on your lap and lay her head on my chest while
she looks in my eyes. She is just wonderful.  

I hope all is good with you. Have a great day.   

she is the sweetest thing! Happy New Year!

She is a wonderful puppy and everyone is jealous because she
has taken to always cuddling with me, lucky me!
1. I heard about you from (friends) who have Finnigan from your
first puppy litter.
2. We are very pleased with your services and would be happy
to help in anyway. Loved your site and the whole family would
race to the computer weekly for the updated pictures and the
video was definitely the highlight! We played it over and over
and fell in love with Charley. We are so happy that Charley is
everything we thought she would be from the video – a fun
happy puppy!
3. You are also more than welcome to use me as a reference.
4. Need to upload some pictures and will shoot them over to
you this week
You have permission to use quotes (I’ll ask the family tonight if
there is anything they want to add) and pictures - when I send

-- Sarah
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Rushmore, Cockapoo born on Aug. 21st, 2015
Hi Jason!

It's been almost a month since I adopted Rushmore, (now named  "Doobie Snuggles") the incredibly adorable
cockapoo! I am so thrilled with him! He is playing a lot, eating well and growing nicely! He is extremely cute, intelligent
and full of energy! He is very lovable, but also a little mischievous.

I am working on teaching him good behavior. I will be starting puppy obedience training soon. I am excited that I have
already succeeded in teaching him to sit and to come. He is improving his potty training (I'm crate training him) and
he's eager to please. He still loves to chew, especially my fingers, socks and shoes. He has lots of chew toys, but
nonetheless prefers to nibble on fingers, paper towels, shoes and socks! Typical puppy behavior!

"Doobie" also enjoys going for walks. His very favorite outing is going to PetSmart. He loves to meet and greet other
doggies and get lots of attention! He is crazy for teenie "Greenies" treats and will do almost anything for them. LOL!

Thank you so much for breeding such a special guy! I am so grateful for him! He is a beloved new member of our

I hope you and your family are well, and I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season!

All the best,
Mary, Cockapoo born Dec. 5th, 2014
Hi Jason,

We named our puppy Maggie.  (Mary)  We absolutely
love her to pieces.  She has filled our home with so
much fun and love.  

Thank you so much for helping to bring us together.  

Sincerely, Sue and Tim
Ghirardelli, Cockapoo born May 12th, 2013
Hi Jason.
I thought I'd send a couple of pics of our beloved Mozzie. He has
been such a great dog. He has a very playful personality and is
super friendly. He is truly wonderful addition to our family.
Mistletoe, Cockapoo born Dec. 7th, 2014
Riley is great, he has blended so well into our family, and is so well behaved.  We continue to work on new tricks, and he loves
the attention. Maddie and Reilly are both great parents to have such a wonderful puppy.

Riley is wonderful. He is going to the groomer tomorrow, and the vet on Monday. He now can shake, roll over, and come when
he is called. His walks still need work because he needs to go up to any one he sees and lies on his back to have his belly
rubbed, sometimes it takes 30mins to get around the block!

James and William, Cockapoos born Sept. 23rd, 2012
Hi Jason,
The puppies are doing great and have really settled in to life at our house. We
are so glad we have two!  They play together and keep each other company
when we aren't able to give them attention. It is really working well. They are
both very sweet and the kids adore them.
Thanks so much! Kim
Feta, Cockapoo born Aug. 15th, 2011
Monty, Cockapoo born Aug. 15th, 2011
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