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Rivendell - F1B Petite Labradoodel born Sept. 14th, 2013
I see you're updating the website so here are a couple of recent pictures of Bullet with his summer

Goldy - F1B Petite Labradoodle born June 4th, 2014
Hi Jason,

Wanted to share an update​ and some photos​ with you from our now one ​and a half ​
year old puppy!  Finley (formerly Goldy :) ) is the sweetest and friendliest little dog and
we are so happy to have her as part of our family.  

​It seems so long ago now, but she was potty trained and crate trained very quickly.  Her
coat has stayed just as soft as her puppy fur and she never sheds.  She's about 16
pounds now.  As a brand new puppy, she was queen of Downtown St. Paul, with
people pulling over in their cars or running across the park to meet her.  She thrived on
the attention and grew to be so well socialized.  Her temperament continues to be a
dream - she is comfortable with strangers but is always happy to see her people.  
Affection is never in short supply from her - we've never met such a cuddly dog with the
most expressive face.  She's a quick study for learning new tricks.  She has been great
at playing fetch since her first weeks home, and entertains herself by throwing her toys
in the air when mom and dad are busy.  She is a tireless walker and is always on the
hunt for a good stick to proudly carry for the rest of the walk.​  ​

So very happy with our Queen of the Hill puppy - would love to add another puppy to our
family someday​​!​ ​

- Nina
Tigris, F1B Petite Labradoodle born June 4th, 2014
Hi Jason!

We just thought you might like a puppy update!

Tigris is now Malibu, but we call her Mali! She is doing great! At her 12 week vet appointment she weighed 9.9 lbs! She
sleeps so well through the night in her cage and potty training is getting close as well. The leg never seemed to bother her
after those first couple days. She loves to snuggle and give kisses, but she is a biter! We are trying hard to break that habit!
She also is a great little swimmer! She travels in the car amazingly well, just sleeps in her kennel the entire way! We brought
her to college with us today as we moved me in and quite a few people stopped to pet and ooo and awww at the cute puppy!
She was a hit! Haha!

Overall, she has fit in very well with our family and we love her very much! Here are some recent photos of her!

Thanks again!

Brook, F1B Petite Labradoodle born June 4th, 2014
Hi Jason,

Darla (Brook) is doing great! We were playing fetch today and she did pretty well so I thought I would send a video clip. She
is practically potty trained already (as long as we take her out every 2 hours when she is awake). Our last puppy from the pet
shop wasn't potty trained for months but Darla goes just a few seconds after being outside. My husband's Dad is allergic to
dogs but he is not allergic to her! You couldn't have bred better dogs and I thank you for that! When we go out we can't go
more than 5 seconds without someone asking to pet her. She is well worth what we paid for her and more. Thanks again
and we will try sending a picture every few months or so.
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