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Walter, Mini Labradoodle born on Sept. 23rd, 2012:
Hi Jason,

We wanted to let you know Teddy has had a wonderful weekend at his new home.  Potty training was so easy, he had one
accident Friday night and none since.  The weather has been so nice he loves going outside, he runs to the laundry room door
and barks when it's time and has mastered the stairs.  He is sleeping all night in his kennel in our room.  We had lots of deer
hunters in for lunch the last two days and he is very social!
We could not be happier, thank you!
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Pronto Pup, Mini Labradoodle born on Aug. 17th, 2015
Hi Jason-

Hope all is well and that you are enjoying the warmer winter weather as of late! Wanted to give you quick update on Pronto Pup,
who we re-named Kieran. He is such a wonderful little guy who has become the center of our family and a favorite among the
other pups in our apartment building. He loves to walk around the nature trails near our home and is quite fond of the snow! He
especially likes to climb the tall drifts and jump off of the top. We've enrolled him in a puppy agility class, which I'm sure he'll love,
and in the meantime, he'll start obedience class next week. Just thought you might like to know what he's been up to.

Take care,
Corn Dog, Mini Labradoodle born Aug. 17th, 2016
Hi Jason,

I thought that I would touch base with you and give you an update on
Cassie.  She will be 16 weeks tomorrow.  

She has doubled her wait since coming to us.  She is very bright.  She
knows sit, down, off, come and is working on leading.  We are enjoying
having her.

She loved the snow!

This is just a quick note.  

Take Care,

Hot Dog, Mini Labradoodle born Aug. 17th, 2015
We have already gotten SO many compliments on him. He does incredibly
well around other dogs (larger and smaller than him) and children, aside
from his puppy desires to chew. He does wonderful traveling as we've been
on the road quite a bit lately.

Thank you again for raising such great dogs who clearly produce fabulous
puppies. We couldn't imagine life without him!

I have attached some photos from the last couple of weeks. We'll be sure to
send more as he continues to grow.

Andrea (& Doug)
Paul Revere, Mini Labradoodle born July 4th, 2014
Hey Jason,
Just thought I'd share some pictures of not so little Logan. He's about 18-19
lbs now!  He's doing great and has learned to sit, shake, and lay down.
We're having tons of fun!  Thanks again!
Thomas, Mini Labradoodle born July 4th, 2014

We discovered Queen of the Hill Puppies in our search for a
labradoodle breeder in the midwest. We were impressed with the
up-to-date website as it was clear that it was a small operation and
that the dogs were well cared for. I contacted Jason about making a
deposit and he responded immediately with a clear description of the
process. Jason kept us updated by email as we waited for the
puppies to be born. We appreciated the photos, videos, and
personality profiles, all of which were helpful when it came time to
choose a puppy. During puppy pick-up, Jason was thorough and
gave some great tips about initial puppy training. The entire process
was very easy and I highly recommend Jason and Queen of the Hill

And Thomas/Murphy is wonderful! He is a sweet pup who has
interacted well with all members of our family. He has had a great
start with potty training and was sleeping through the night after just a
few days. He is also very smart and eagerly learning his new
commands. We are very happy with Murphy!
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