How to find a breeder to buy from:
Remember, a breeder isn't going to advertise their weaknesses -- it's your job to read
through their website and ask them these questions if they aren't answered on their website.
Some other breeders:

Own a lot of dogs. How many? It can be hard to tell with some of them. They often won't put profile's up of each dog
because they don't want you to know just how many dogs they own. Some of these breeders do a good job, others are
more like a puppy mill. Depending on how big and how involved their family is, these dogs may get little to no attention
from people throughout the day.
Ask the breeder  how many dogs they own, and how much time they spend
with their dogs in a given day.

Don't raise their dogs inside, with people. They have a garage, shed, or barn where they keep all or some of their
dogs. The dog may be inside when you see her and her pups, but are they keeping her somewhere out in the barn when
she isn't making money for them? Do the parents get the love, attention and affection that they deserve year round?
the breeder if they keep all of their dogs  inside, with people, or if some or all of them are raised somewhere
other than inside a home.

Breed their dogs past their prime. They don't put the age or birth date of the dog on their website because they don't
want you to know that their dog is too old to be breeding. They may be more concerned in a paycheck instead of what's
best for the parents of your puppy, or even what health defects might occur in your puppy due to the old age of their
breeding dogs.
Ask the breeder how old their breeding dogs are.

Over breed their dogs. A breeder who breeds their dog on every heat cycle regardless of the physical health of the
breeding female is not a breeder you should buy from. The female needs to be at 100% in order to be considered for
breeding. It is acceptable for a breeder to breed on back to back heat cycles occasionally, but should not be the rule.
Some breeders will even advertise that their females are only bred once a year or on every other heat cycle even though
this is not the case. You need to be able to discern whether a breeder is honest and trustworthy or if they are just telling
you what you want to hear
. Ask the breeder how often they breed their females.

Don't breed high quality dogs. You won't find them referencing AKC, or other similar breed registries because their
dogs aren't registered anywhere, and probably aren't health screened for common ailments of the parent breeds (hips,
etc.). If the parents have genetic defects, etc. (which you can't see), they will most likely be passed down to your puppy.
There is nothing quite like the heartache of seeing your pet suffer, or having to put down your beloved pet at a young age
because they had bad genetics that led to debilitating health issues.
Do your homework and only buy from a breeder
whose dogs have good genes and have been screened for potential health issues.

Skimp on costs for their breeding dogs. Owning breeding dogs takes time and money. Health Costs: The breeder
needs to give de-wormer, and shots for rabies, distemper, lymes, etc.,
Food Costs: It is easy to find low cost, low quality
dog food and even high cost, low quality dog food. They need to do their research to make sure they are feeding their
dogs what they need to live, and to raise puppies.
Legal Costs: They also need to register/license their dogs (in most
areas, depending on where you live), and depending on their size and what state they live in may need to be registered
as a breeding operation. There are many other things that cost money that they might try to skimp on: buying the breeding
dog, dog toys, vet check-ups, and the list goes on.
Make sure that the breeder is taking proper care of their dogs
and isn't cutting corners to save a buck or two.

Don't know the personalities of their puppies. Why is this important? You will know a lot about what kind of dog you
are getting based on the parent breed/s, but that isn't the end of it. Just like human siblings personalities differ, a litter of
puppies will have different personalities. The litter will have some that may be quieter and more laid back, or more playful
and rambunctious. You know your family and the type of dog that you will be happiest with and will be the happiest in your
home. Don't buy a puppy based off of color or size, or even gender alone. Buy a puppy based on the puppy's personality
matching what will fit best with your family.
Don't buy from a breeder who can't describe the personality of each
puppy, you won't know what you are getting.

Don't socialize their puppies with people. The puppies are born and not handled or played with as they grow up. They
learn how to be dogs, but not pets. The puppies can be shy or overly excited when someone comes to play with them.
They often bark for attention, which is not a desirable trait.
Ask how the breeder socializes their puppies and how
much human interaction they get.

Fly under the radar of local, state, and federal laws. The sales of puppies is regulated quite often on the local level,
the state, and even the federal level. They are subject to sales tax wherever they are sold (if the sale occurs online the
sales tax must be collected and paid into the state where the new owner lives, otherwise it is where the puppy is picked
up) and must pay income tax into the federal government. There are a lot of breeders who do not follow the regulations
and just as many who don't pay sales tax or income tax for the sales of their puppies.
If you don't mind being a little
uncomfortable, and perhaps making the breeder squirm a little bit: ask them if they are in compliance with all
local, state and federal regulations for selling puppies and if they pay all the necessary taxes for the income
from selling their dogs.
So, what makes us different?
Unlike "some other breeders," we strive to give our breeding females the best life possible of a pet.
Please read more to find out what makes us different, and always feel welcome to ask us the tough questions!
The following responds to each of the above mentioned concerns and shows why you should buy a puppy from

We don't own a lot of dogs. We tell you how many dogs we own (four) and as much about them as you probably care to
hear. We put up profiles for each of our dogs including their birth date and qualifications as a breeding

Our dogs are our pets first and foremost. Our lives with our dogs are probably much like yours. Our girls sleep on our
couches, watch t.v. with us, beg for scraps when we are cooking or eating (usually quietly and from a distance). We
always seem to have a shadow or a dog to cuddle with. Needless to say, yes they live inside with us all year round, and
yes they get a ton of love and affection all day, every day.

We are very concerned about our dog's health and wellbeing. We love them as much as you love your pets and
we do our best to make sure they are healthy and happy.

Some breeders will breed their dogs every time they come into heat. Others will strictly only breed their dogs on every
other heat cycle -- and if they do you will usually know about it because they are very good at making sure you know. We
do not breed on every heat cycle as we believe that over breeding can lead to problems for the moms and potentially the
puppies, plus mom needs a break every now and then. However, we believe that God created these animals and did a
very good job fine tuning them. Females can skip heat cycles, not conceive, or even have a smaller litter if they weren't
ready to be moms again. Our rule is to never breed a female unless she is at 100% physically (even if she did just get a
rest on her last heat cycle), but we will occasionally breed on consecutive heat cycles provided she has been at 100% for
the past couple months. This is an honest explanation of our breeding practices that we are advertising here, so you know.

As I stated above, we do have individual profiles for our breeding dogs along with their qualifications (AKC, CKC, OFA,
etc.). We do not know of any genetic health defect with any of our females, the studs we use, or their puppies. They come
from solid blood lines to help minimize the chance of them ever developing an issue or ever passing an issue on to their

We don't skimp on health costs related to our dogs or puppies. They visit the vet for check-ups, shots, etc. and
are up to date with all their health care needs (shots, de-wormer, etc.).

We don't skimp on food costs related to our dogs or puppies. We buy our dog and puppy food from "Diamond
Pet Foods." They sell high quality pet food for a reasonable price. They don't use corn, wheat or soy as fillers,
like so many other leading brands out there do. Those "fillers" make it cheaper for them to produce their dog
food, but end up costing you more as the dog eats more and makes more work for you as the dog subsequently...well,
you get the idea.

We don't skimp on legal cost or extra work for our dogs. All of our dogs are licensed/registered at our city hall. Whenever
a breeder sells 25 or more puppies in a year (Oct. 1st - Sept. 30th) they are required to be licensed in the state of
Wisconsin. We have reached that mark a couple of times and have been registered in those years.

We go above and beyond anything I have seen other breeders do when it comes to making sure you know what
you are getting when you buy a puppy from us. We update you through individual pictures (usually taken
weekly), a video (taken when they are almost 6 weeks old and posted when they are 6 weeks old), and an accurate,
personalized personality profile for each puppy. Additionally, if you live locally and are a serious perspective buyer we
invite you to come and pick your puppy out in person. We do our best to accommodate you into our home. Remember, it's
not the color, size or gender that matters the most, it's the puppy's personality and how it matches with your family's
needs. Happy puppy = happy owner and vice versa.

Our puppies are born in our living room, and carefully monitored during their first weeks of life. They are raised in
our living space, handled constantly, and are loved deeply. Our puppies often spend time being cuddled with as we watch
a football game or a movie.  

What else makes us different?
We will NEVER sell to a pet store. Pet stores are meant to be a place to buy pet supplies, not pets. Very few if any can
guarantee the breeding dogs and the puppies are raised, treated and loved the way they should be. They are most likely
from a puppy mill, and don't get the socialization and love that they need while at the pet store.

We don't depend on the money that we receive for our puppies.
And in fact, when done correctly, dog breeding
isn't as profitable as one may think (buying quality dogs, keeping them current on health cares and shots, proper health
screenings, feeding quality food, giving proper vitamins, and then you have to pay sales tax, income tax, etc).
Any money
we do end up having as "take home pay" is a form of supplemental income. We don't need to breed our dogs to continue
our life as normal, so we won't breed a female just because we are short on cash. The dog's wellbeing is always put well
before any thought of potential income.

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