About "Patton"
Born:  August 17th, 2015
: Female
Markings: Large white chest patch, white toes,
and a white stripe on her forehead
Personality Profile
: Patton is our sweet little girl. She likes to play and
make new friends but she loves to cuddle up with you any chance she
gets. Patton has a beatiful red coat accented by a lot of white on her
chest, and some on her forehead, neck, and toes. She is sure to have
plenty of people adoring and complimenting her wherever she goes.
About "Sherman"
Born: August 17th, 2015
Markings: Small white patch on his chest.
Personality Profile: Sherman is our big guy and the puppy who
inspired the litter to be named after tanks. He is adventurous and likes
to explore his surroundings. Sherman is friendly and is always the first
puppy to greet me. He always wants to be where I am and “help” me
with whatever I’m doing.
About "Panther"
Born: August 17th, 2015
Gender: Female
Markings: White stripe on her chest and a tiny bit of white on
her back toes.
Personality Profile:
Panther is our big girl and has been trying her best
to keep up to her brother, Sherman. She has a stunning dark coat with
just a small white accent on her chest. She is a nice blend of a cuddle
buddy and playmate who is good at both and not too much of either
one. Panther will make a great pet and companion.
Meet "Sherman"/Bacchus
Click here to view Sherman's video!
At 7 Weeks Old.
At 7 Weeks Old.
At 7 Weeks Old.
About the names:
When the first puppy, Sherman, was born I was impressed by his size and commented "He's a tank". His sister, Panther,
wasn't much smaller and although Patton is smaller than her siblings she is still a tank in comparison to our Cockapoo's or
Petite Labradoodles. The idea stuck so we decided to name this litter after different tanks.
Sold to Cody and Family
Sold to Jennifer and Family
Sold to Bryan and Family
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